Peace Regional MRI & Ultrasound offers expedited Ultrasound exams with no waiting. We are able to provide the following exams for the fees indicated.

For more information regarding what patient preparation is required for each exam, please click on the name of the exam to the right.

If you require an exam that is not listed here, please contact us for more information and a customized quote.

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Exam Fee
Abdomen $375
Pelvis $375
Abdomen and Pelvis $525
Renal $375
Baby Pictures (3D Images of Fetus) $200
No Doctor's referral required - contact us for booking
Carotids $375
Vascular - Abdomen $425
Vascular - Pelvis $425
Vascular - Arm - Arterial $425
Vascular - Arm - Venous $375
Vascular - Leg - Arterial $425
Vascular - Leg - Venous $375
Echocardiography (Heart) $525
Thyroid $375
Shoulder $375
Elbow $375
Wrist $375
Hand $375
Hip $375
Knee $375
Ankle $375
Foot $375
Any soft tissue lesion (mass, lump, etc.) $375
Any 2 or more exams imaged in the same visit. 10% off