Ankle MRI

Ankle MRIs can provide useful information regarding the ligaments, cartilage, bones and muscle tendons.

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Your physician must order your MRI or Ultrasound exam. We also accept valid claims through WCB, ICBC, employers, legal claims or other third party insurers.

We also offer ultrasound exams to obtain 3D pictures of your unborn baby. Since these are not diagnostic exams, but purely for your own pleasure, we do not require a physicians order for these exams. Just phone ahead to book your appointment!

Our requisition may be accessed by the link below.

Your physician can fill in the requisition on-line, but must still print it out, sign it, then fax it to 1-888-898-9857. Pads of requisitions may be obtained by contacting Peace Regional MRI and Ultrasound at

The requisition may be saved on your computer for future use by right-clicking the link below and selecting "Save Link As".

We will also accept requisitions made out on medical imaging forms from other institutions.

MRI RequisitionUltrasoundI

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Lawyers may also request MRI or Ultrasound services on behalf of their clients. Lawyers should click the button below to obtain further information, or contact us by telephone or e-mail.

Litigation MRI