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December 2016 - Now open for business - Our first patients are being scanned!

December 2016 - News and Images from our Open House.

November 2016 - Open House scheduled for Dec. 3

November 2016 - Delivery of the New Magnet (Video)

October 2016 - Closure of Extremity Scanner

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December 2016 - Now open for business!

Monday, December 19th saw us begin providing MRI services to the residents of the Peace region!  We have spent the last several months constructing the new facility, dealing with the complex dynamics of installing a brand-new, powerful MRI scanner, and configuring our computer systems and IT infrastructure.  The physicist has examined our system and given his stamp of approval, and the provincial accreditation program has performed it's intial assessment.  All is good!

We've spent the last week scanning volunteers and refining protocols. We wanted to make sure that the best possible images are being produced before opening the scanner up to clinical exams.  And we've been impressed!  The image quality is top-notch!  A huge thank-you to all our volunteers for giving up their time to have a pleasant nap in the magnet while we tweaked the imaging sequences!

Keep in mind that we're still offering 10% off any booking made before December 31st for any appointment date, even into the new year. Perhaps not so easy to wrap and put under the tree, but this would definitely make a novel Christmas present!

This is a specialized type of MRI of the head which is sensitive to microscopic changes that occur after a head injury. This allows detection of damage that is still present even years after having a head injury. The sequence we use for this is called "SWAN" and stands for "Susceptibility-Weighted Angiography" as it shows the iron in blood (all those black lines are veins draining the brain) and can also show areas of calcification. We would use this if your doctor refers you for an MRI because you had a head injury and are still having symptoms, even years after an event such as a motor vehicle accident or workplace injury.