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November 2016 - Delivery of the New Magnet (Video)

October 2016 - Closure of Extremity Scanner

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November 2016 - Delivery of the New Magnet

Our new magnet has arrived! The brand-new state-of-the-art MRI unit was delivered on November 7th after a road trip from the manufacturing plant near Milwaukee. The magnet, out of necessity, is shipped while not energized - one could just imagine all the small cars and motorcycles stuck to the sides of the flatbed truck if it was at full power!

Once it arrived at our new location in the Co-op Mall, the 11,728 lb magnet had to be lifted from the flatbed truck and manouvered through a hole made in the outside cinder-block wall into it's final resting place in the RF-shielded exam room. This was a delicate procedure, requiring precision and skill on the part of the riggers and crane operator.

With the magnet now in place, the room will be sealed and the RF-shield completed. Once all interior finishing has been done, the magnet will be "ramped-up" and the full magentic field energized. This process will take several days, so we don't expect to able to generate images until early December. At that time we will have a physicist in to analyze the equipment to make sure it is performing to specifications, and then the College of Physicians and Surgeons will provide final licensing.

So stay tuned! We're looking forward to being able to provide all your MRI imaging needs.