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MRI of the Wrist $925

MRI is very useful for examining the wrist. An MRI of the wrist can assess the articular cartilage lining the many bones of the wrist, the joint capsule of the distal radioulnar joint, the ligaments that join many of the bones in the wrist, the triangular fibrocartilage and the overall health of the bones of the wrist and hand/forearm that are next to the wrist. A typical MRI of the wrist takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

Scapholunate Tear

We acquire many different types of images and compare them to find subtle abnrmalities. In this case there is damage to the ligament that joins the scaphoid and lunate bones of the wrist (yellow arrow).

Typical areas for tears in the wrist.Triangular fibrocartilage tear

Damage to the triangular fibrocartilage that separates the wrist bones from the ulna in the forearm is indicated by the yellow arrow.Wrist cyst

Cross section through wrist showing the carpal tunnel (black ligaments green arrow, median nerve blue arrow). There is a cyst shown by the yellow arrow that is causing pressure in the carpal tunnel.

In some cases your physician may request that the MRI takes place after we inject a small amount of dye into the joint. This is known as an MRI Arthrogram and would be at an additional cost - please see our rates for more information or click HERE.