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MRI of the Shoulder $925

MRI is very useful for examining the shoulder. Not only can it demonstrate tears of the rotator cuff (a set of 4 muscles and ligaments that surround the shoulder and provide mobility and support), but we can also assess the cartilage of both the humeral head and glenoid fossa, the overall health of the bones and the muscles and ligaments of the upper arm and chest (such as the biceps and deltoid). A typical MRI of the shoulder takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

In some cases your physician may request that the MRI takes place after we inject a small amount of dye into the joint. This is known as an MRI Arthrogram and would be at an additional cost - please see our rates for more information or click HERE.

An MRI of the shoulder demonstrating a fracture (yellow arrow).

An example of an MRI Arthrogram of the shoulder. Note the added dye (white) in the joint space. This helps to show tears of the glenoid labrum or leaks in the joint capsule due to rotator cuff tears.