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MRI of the Knee $925

MRI is undisputed to be the best imaging modality to visualize damage within the knee.  We perform high resolution imaging in all planes, specifically designed to demonstrate all the internal structures of the knee.  This includes all ligaments, articular cartilage, lateral and medical meniscus, muscles, tendons, synovium and bone health.  A typical knee MRI examination takes approximately 30 minutes.

In some cases your physician may request that the MRI takes place after we inject a small amount of dye into the joint. This is known as an MRI Arthrogram and would be at an additional cost - please see our rates for more information or click HERE.

Normal KneeKnee with tears

(left) This a normal knee seen from the front. (right) This knee has a severely torn menicus (note the missing black wedge - yellow arrow) and accompanying bone bruise (bright area in tibia - green arrow)

Knee ACLKnee PCL

(left) This a normal knee seen from the side with an intact Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) (yellow arrow). (right) One can also see the Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) in this view (green arrow).