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MRI of the Foot $925

An MRI exam of the foot is one of the easiest exams for a patient to undergo as they are positioned such that only their foot is in the scanner. We acquire high resolution images of the foot in multiple planes, allowing for the assessement of many conditions, including plantar fascitis, Morton's neuroma, plantar plate injuries, Lis Franc ligament tears, damage to other ligaments or bone lesions.  A typical MRI of the foot will take approximately 30 minutes.

Your doctor or our radiologist may also request that we give you an intravenous injection of MRI contrast material (dye) to better see some areas of your foot. If this is necessary we will inform you as there is an added cost of $300 for this and may require that we obtain a blood test prior to the exam. The type of contrast agent we use has been validated to be one of the safest types available.

In some cases your physician may request that the MRI takes place after we inject a small amount of dye into one of the joints. This is known as an MRI Arthrogram and would be at an additional cost - please see our rates for more information or click HERE.

One of the many views of the foot that are included in a MRI examination.