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MRI of a Soft Tissue Mass (muscle or joint) $925

While some MRI exams of soft tissue masses do not require contrast, there are many indications where contrast would be beneficial. In these cases, an additional $300 will be charged.

MRI is very useful for assessing soft tissue masses. Any lump or area of pain in a muscle, arm, leg or joint may be examined. MRI can provide information about the type of tissue this is composed of, the extent of lesion and may allow for identification of it without a biopsy. MRI is also very useful for long-term monitoring of lesion size, and to assess effectiveness of treatment. A typical MRI for a soft tissue mass takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

Your doctor or our radiologist may also request that we give you an intravenous injection of MRI contrast material (dye) to better see some soft tissue masses. We may require that we obtain a blood test prior to the exam. The type of contrast agent we use has been validated to be one of the safest types available.