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MRI of the Pelvis (Prostate/Uterus/Rectum) $1,025

While many MRI exams of the pelvis do not require contrast, there are some indications where contrast would be beneficial. In these cases, an additional $300 will be charged.

MRI exams of the pelvis may be done for a variety of reasons. A general MRI exam of the pelvis gives a good overview of all the organs and structures within the pelvis. A typical MRI exam of the pelvis will take 30-45 minutes.

If your doctor requests us to pay particular attention to the rectum, we would ask you to not eat anything for 8 hours prior to the exam (drinking is fine), and perform two fleet enemas up to 2 hours before the exam. A dedicated MRI exam of the rectum will take approximately 45 minutes.

For our female patients, the pelvic MRI exam would assess the uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix and ovaries. MRI is a particularly useful exam to look for structural abnormalities that may prohibit a woman from conceiving, assess fibroids, look for masses of the ovaries or detect tumors of the cervix or uterus.

For our male patients, dedicated MRI imaging of the prostate can assess for tumors of the prostate or benign prostate hypertrophy. MRI is very useful for guiding treatment of prostate cancer. Our radiologists report prostate MRI exams following internationally precsribed standards (PI-RADS) which your prostate specialist will expect.

To fully assess some of these conditions, we may need to add a specialized type of image that is acquired after the intravenous injection of an MRI contrast agent (dye). We may require you to have a blood test before this procedure. The type of contrast agent we use has been validated to be one of the safest types available.