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Non-Contrast MRA See each exam for pricing

Most Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) exams benefit from the use of an injection of intravenous contrast, however there are circumstances where contrast is either not required or is contra-indicated. In these cases we would reduce the fee for the specified exam. Please review the web page for the specific exam you are interested in for more details.

A non-contrast MRA exam creates images basd on the inherent blood flow in your arteries or veins. We use very specialized software to allow us to create these images without having to inject intravenous dye. Pathologies that may be visulaized include stenosis (narrowings), blockages, malformations or aneurysms. A 3-dimensional model of these arteries is generated, allowing for rotation in any direction for a very thorough assessment. A typical non-contrast MRA exam will take 30 minutes.