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MRI of the Neck $925

While many MRI exams of the neck do not require contrast, for those that do, an additional $300 will be charged.

An MRI of the neck may be performed when pain is orginating in the neck, lumps are felt in the neck or the function, such as swallowing, is inhibited. Your doctor will determine if the cause is from the neck itself, or if it is more likely due to an injury of the nerves in the cervical spine, in which case a dedicated MRI of the cervical spine would be more useful. An MRI of the neck examines the soft tissues of the neck with excellent detail, but does not thoroughly examine the spinal cord of the cervical spine.

An MRI of the neck typically takes from 30 - 45 minutes. For some conditions, we may need to administer an injection of an MRI contrast agent (dye). We may require you to have a blood test before this procedure. The type of contrast agent we use has been validated to be one of the safest types available. If you receive the contrast agent, the entire MRI exam will then take approximately 1 hour.