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MRI of the Lumbosacral Plexus (LS Plexus) $925

While most MRI exams of the LS Plexus do not require contrast, there are some indications where contrast would be beneficial. In these cases, an additional $300 will be charged.

The Lumbosacral Plexus is the collection of nerves that pass from the lower spine, through the pelvis, before travelling down the legs. Compression of these nerves can cause pain radiating throughout the legs, loss of sensation, or the inability for the legs to function properly. Although these symptoms appear to be coming from the legs, often the cause can be identified in the pelvis.

An MRI of the LS Plexus typically takes from 30 - 45 minutes. In most cases intravenous contrast is not necessary, however for some conditions, we may need to administer an injection of an MRI contrast agent (dye). We may require you to have a blood test before this procedure. The type of contrast agent we use has been validated to be one of the safest types available. If you receive the contrast agent, the entire MRI exam will then take approximately 1 hour.