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MRI of the Head with a CSF Flow Study $1,125

While many MRI exams of the head do not require contrast, for those that do, an additional $300 will be charged.

MRI can be used to measure the flow of CSF through the cerebral aqueduct.  This allows quantification of the degree of stenosis (narrowing) of this channel that allows the fluid within the central spaces of the brain to migrate to the outer surfaces.  Narrowing of the aqueduct will result in hydrocephalus and pressure on the brain. We can add this type of imaging to a standard head scan and perform the advanced analysis to generate a report to provide to your neurologist.  This will add approximately 10 - 15 minutes to your exam.

(top) Image of the brain of a patient with hydrocephalus.  The cerebral aqueduct is the small channel indicated by the yellow arrow. 

This is an example of the type of report we will generate to provide to your physician. This was performed on a normal volunteer at Peace Regional MRI, and all the values are within normal limits.