MRI of the knee allows visualization of all bones, ligaments and cartilage.

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Blaine Curry, RTR RTMR

Blaine is from the Peace region, and has a strong desire to bring access to advanced medical imaging to the residents of the area of the province that is his home.  Blaine moved to Vancouver to pursue his MRI training, and worked at St.Paul's Hospital, MRI department for eight years before assuming the MRI supervisor position at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster. In 2013, Blaine returned to his roots and became the manager of the Medical Imaging department for Dawson Creek Hospital. Blaine has also been heavily involved in teaching MRI across the country, offering his knowledge for 7 years on behalf of GE Healthcare, Canada. In partnership with Wayne, Blaine installed the first MRI in Northeastern BC, opening Peace Regional MRI in 2010, offering extremity MRI exams in Dawson Creek. Blaine takes an active role in running the MRI clinic and has considerable expertise scanning a wide variety of specialized MRI exams.

Wayne Patola, RTR RTMR

Wayne has 34 years of experience as the technologist in charge of MRI at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver. He is one of the most accomplished MRI technologists in Canada, having trained many technologists who have gone on to head up many of the MRI departments in Vancouver and across the country.  He has presented in excess of 250 lectures on MRI and holds the academic distinction of Clinical Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC.  He is a member of the GE Healthcare, Canadian MRI Applications team and frequently travels across the country providing hands-on training to major hospitals and clinics in every province.  As St. Paul's Hospital is the Cardiac Centre for BC, Wayne has developed MRI protocols optimized for imaging the various pathologies that affect the heart.  Wayne will be in Dawson Creek to offer cardiac imaging clinics on a regular basis for those that need advanced cardiac MRI exams performed.

Bruce Coulter, Dip. Australasian Conjoint Board RTR, RTMR

Bruce, originally from New Zealand, has been involved in MRI since 1990. He worked as a senior MRI technologist at multiple sites in California, including the University of California, San Francisco, before moving to Vancouver to offer his expertise in starting up the first MRI at St. Paul's Hospital. He then spent 13 years as the supervising technologist and manager of the MRI department of Lionsgate Hospital in North Vancouver. Bruce has also been heavily involved in teaching MRI across the country, both as a founding member of the GE MRI Applications team and in support of Berlex, Canada. Currently Bruce is the Clincial Modality Lead and Installed Base Manager for MRI with GE Healthcare, Canada. Bruce will be performing MRI procedures in Dawson Creek in support of Peace Regional MRI.

Our Radiologists

Your MRI exam will be reported by a radiologist who has specialized in the particular type of procedure you had (musculoskeletal, neurological, abdominal, or cardiac).  All of our radiologists are credentialed for MRI and are members of the faculty of medicine at the University of British Columbia. They are all highly experienced staff radiologists at major hospitals in Vancouver. Accurate reports are as important to us as they are to you. Random exams are re-reported by an additional radiologist to insure a consistent high quality standards are maintained.

Elizabeth Barrie RDMS RTMR

Elizabeth brings 35 years of experience in Ultrasound, Echocardiography and MRI. She was the chief technologist in MRI at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, starting up the first MRI there in 1995. She has been a valuable resource in the imaging community, teaching many of the new technologists both here in BC and across Canada.  She has supported MRI training to new sites throughout the country as part of the GE Healthcare, Canadian MRI Applications team. In addition, she organized a national conference on MRI, held annually in BC for several years. Elizabeth has been instrumental in establishing high standards in the inception of Ultrasound and Echocardiography at Peace regional MRI and Ultrasound.